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Atp Science Noway Collagen Icecream

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Noway? Frozen Dessert ? Healthy Ice Cream Lovers Rejoice
Healthy ice cream lovers rejoice! It is finally time to Treat Well with our Noway? Frozen Dessert. We set out to create something that would tick all the boxes as far as healthy dessert is concerned and STILL taste great and we believe that is exactly what we have achieved. In fact, if you try our frozen dessert for the first time don?t be surprised if your response is ?NOWAY?.

Noway? Frozen Dessert has a creamy healthy ice cream texture, minus the dairy and the calories. Unlike other healthy ice creams and frozen desserts, we created the Noway? Frozen Dessert range with the intention of making a genuinely healthy treat that didn?t sacrifice on quality, texture, or taste. The result of our vision and efforts is the new and delicious Noway? Frozen Dessert range; currently available in 5 mouth-watering flavours. Just one spoonful of Noway? Frozen Dessert will have you hooked.

Noway? Frozen Dessert is available only in-store, at select retailers. Use our handy Noway? Frozen Dessert store locator to find your nearest Noway? Frozen Dessert Store.

Noway? Frozen Dessert Benefits Include:
Tastes like a naughty ice cream minus the calories
High Protein
Low Calorie
Low Sugars/Carbohydrates
Gluten Free
Made with our high quality Noway Collagen
No artificial colours or flavours.
5-star Health rating
No gritty or grainy texture
High Fibre
Tastes Delicious

What Makes Noway? Frozen Dessert Different From Other Healthy Ice Creams?
Apart from the outstanding nutrition panel and list of ingredients, Noway? Frozen Dessert includes high-quality bovine collagen as its main source of protein. Unlike most milk/high dairy healthy ice cream options, Noway? Frozen Dessert is both dairy and gluten-free* and made on coconut cream, making it the perfect guilt-free dessert which will make your taste buds scream!